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Barkeeper & Co. Carry all

The gents at Barkeeper & Co. have designed this smashing, waxed cotton bag with nifty stowaway pockets for all your tools, perfect for transporting precious cargo such as mixing glasses and bottles whilst keeping all those little loose ends like jiggers and spoons securely in their place and easy to find.


They have a kickstarter campaign going if you’re interested in learning more or to donate and help ¬†get them fully off the ground click here

I’ll be adding this to my Christmas wish list for sure!


Polyscience Immersion circulator


I can’t live without this, I use it for infusing, fat washing, bitters and syrups , it takes minutes rather than hours or days to get results. Chefs use it for even cooking, in the bar it makes for faster results whatever your experiment.

Sold on Amazon to order click here


Sansaire sous vide immersion circulator


A more affordable version of the immersion circulator, great for home use

To Buy from Amazon, click here

ISI cream whipper

I make everything but whipped cream in this whipper from ISI, great for carbonating , making foams, rapid infusing etc…

Again look on Amazon for more info here

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