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Started as a journal in 2010 to document ideas and how they were achieved, in 2012 the loving cup became a monthly blog written by bartender Gabriella Mlynarczyk .Gaby has spent over twenty years behind the bar  working with Chefs and business owners to create drink lists and programs. Intended to help demystify  drink making for the home bartender the aim is to provide you with inspiration , wether its to find  basic ideas and products, spend some time tinkering in the kitchen or learn a little about the history and producers of what you put in your glass. Keeping things lighthearted has always been the most successful way  to learn, so there’s usually an anecdote or story to read too. Recipes have been featured in the LA Times,  Food 52, Cool Hunting, LA Magazine and Fast Co.Design amongst others. In the works is a small collection of liqueurs and mixers as well as some hands on class dates for 2014.

Gaby’s first book is available for pre-order on Amazon, click here to purchase

The beautiful images  are taken by yours truly and  the very talented  Los Angeles Photographer Patrick O’Brien-Smith, check out more of his work at www.patrickobriensmith.com


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  1. Melayna on said:

    I think that I am in love with you. Self preservation society = <3

  2. sick blog yo! the pics are amazing! what kinda camera that guy using? the drinks look incredible god i need one right now. see ya over at ink. soon for a cocktail. break it down! -Z

  3. Ryan Carnall on said:


    I am Ryan Carnall. I am interning at a farm to table restaurant in Ithaca NY called Coltivare, trying to start a revolution: FARM TO BAR.

    I have decided to ruin my life by trying to make an all New York ingredient cocktail list. Its been a rough past few months without lemons or limes. I have already made a few drinks with shrub and verjooz to replace those citrus balls but I need about 3ish more cocktails to be complete. I was wondering if you had an suggestions or idea. I would love to send a paper of what I have done so far in return.

    Its cool if you don’t, I still think you have an awesome website. I have not read it all but I willlll!

  4. Jayme | holly & flora on said:

    Okay. I have to agree with one of the other commenters. You make my kind of geeky, creative cocktails, and I am SMITTEN with your site! Hoping to follow along with you on IG. And I h-a-v-e to make that On the Wings of Desire cocktail. Very soon.

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